Duvernay Multi-Well Shale Gas Pads

Duvernay Multi-Well Shale Gas Pads

PROJECT NAME: Duvernay Multi-Well Shale Gas Pads

LOCATION: Development of the condensate rich Duvernay shale gas field in Alberta, Canada

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Engineering, Procurement, Project and Construction Management of several multi pads in the Alberta Duvernay Field (6-8 wells/pads). Scope of the project included installation of inlet separation, condensate conditioner, compression, dehydration, incineration and associated gathering and sales pipelines.

TIMELINE: Project timelines are absolutely critical as the client required that the facility and pipeline be installed in conjunction with drilling and completion operations. Simultaneous operation (sim-op) requires flexibility in design of the facility and extensive coordination and communication with drilling and completion crews. Lease equipment and piping are designed as modules and shop fabricated to allow for timely installation of the equipment to reduce the shut-in period of the well. Protocol for the Facility commissioning is challenging due to the fracking technique utilized to complete the well. A Flow back period is required to recover the frack fluids during the initial start-up of the well. Temporary piping and sand separator must be designated as part of the facility to allow for the flow back of the well and options must be provided to switch the production from temporary flow back period to permanent operation in short timeline without the need to shut the well in.

THE PIONEER DIFFERENCE: Flexibility in design of the equipment and process piping and layout of the facility to provide the opportunity to handle the frack fluid and work within the sim-op protocol was the key performance indicator that contributed to the successful completion of this project.

Duvernay Multi-Well Shale Gas Pads

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Duvernay Multi-Well Shale Gas Pads 53.933271, -116.576504 Duvernay Multi-Well Shale Gas Pads


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