Special Projects

  • Clarke Lake Experimental Water Handling and Disposal Project.  Design and installation of surface facilities to handle the operation of down hole high flow multi stage contralift pumps, water disposal pump skid, generator and construction of 7km of above ground pipeline operating at temperatures of up to 120°C.
  • Milo Central Facility and Gathering System. Installation of 35km of high pressure sour gas gathering system, in muskeg condition (2000 PSI M.O.P) due to high acid gas content of the gas, line heaters and continuous batch chemical treatment facilities were installed for corrosion mitigation and hydrate control. Facility was designed for 30 MMSCFD of gas. Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Installation of vapour recovery and incinerator at the Klua Central Facility to handle the sour gas emissions from the water storage tanks and glycol dehydrator (40% H2S) Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Recovery and disposal of contaminated ground water at Turner Valley unit #3. Project included of drilling of 17 ground water recovery wells, HDPE gathering system, 7 air sparging wells and installation of 3 fresh water infiltration gallery and supply systems, Longview, Alberta, Canada.
  • Recovery and treatment of BTEX contaminated water at the Pembina Ferrier gas plant including inlet filtration, ozone generation, aeration, chemical injection, activated carbon absorption and infiltration galleries, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Calgary.
  • Design and construction of potable water supply and distribution system for the Ferrier acreage owners, including water treatment skid, concrete cistern, transfer pumps and fresh water distribution system.