Optimization Projects

  • Wild Boy Sour Gas Plant optimization study to evaluate the effective utilization of the existing inlet and sales gas compressors and debottlenecking the amine sweetening and dehydration facilities.
  • Optimization of the two existing 5000HP turbine driven compressors at the Yoyo gas processing facility, Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Optimization of the existing Buick Creek compression and dehydration Facilities, Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Trouble Shooting and upgrading of the existing Serenpet 30 well SCADA system, White Court, Alberta, Canada.
  • Cranberry 30 MMSCFD Gas Plant optimization study to improve the liquid recovery and identify the bottlenecks and evaluate the performance of the slave point and lower debolt trains of the facility.
  • Design, installation and commissioning of a SELEXOL sweetening unit to selectively remove entrained mercaptans from the fuel gas system at the Diamond Valley Gas Plant, Tuner Valley, Alberta, Canada.
  • Design and installation of an 8 MMSCFD Q. SOL selective solvent including inlet separation, sales gas compression and dehydration facilities, Esther, Alberta, Canada.
  • Design and construction of a 10 MMSCFD iron sponge sweetening tower, process filter, pH control and associated at Pembina Medicine River compressor station, Benalto, Alberta, Canada.