Our Process


At Pioneer Engineering we pride ourselves to tailor our process to meet the individual client’s needs and expectations. Having the flexibility and willingness to deliver what the client expects is one of the key performance indicators which places our company ahead of the competition.


Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-Scope-DefinitionA. Scope Definition

  • Understand the general scope of the project from the client’s point of view
  • Provide assistance and support by working with the client’s project team to further clarify and define the scope to reduce the risks associated with ambiguous projects which contribute to higher engineering man hours.
  • Prepare a “Design Criteria Document” for clients review and approval and capture the critical requirements which define the project scope, goals and objectives.

Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-Cost-EstimateB. Cost Estimate

  • Prepare a detailed cost estimate using our industry knowledge and past experience to establish the overall cost of the project.
  • Utilize client’s AFE protocol and feature codes to insure the designated costs are assigned to proper sub codes to match the clients accounting system for invoicing.
  • Generate a cost tracking document which will capture the actual project expenditures. The cost tracking document is a live spread sheet which will compare the budget vs. the forecasted costs and capture the actual expenditures simultaneously. This tool provides the client the opportunity to review the budget and forecast future expenditure on the project.

Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-Project-ScheduleC. Project Schedule

  • Prepare a detailed project schedule outlining the overall duration of the project from the conceptual stage through the commissioning and start-up stage.
  • Identify critical tasks and milestones that will influence the schedule and timeline of the project.
  • Provide periodic updates on the schedule to keep the client informed on the status of the project.

Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-Weekly-ReportsD. Weekly Reports

Pioneer Engineering has a comprehensive weekly report document which has been established based on our experience in the oil and gas industry. The weekly report consists of the following:

  • Status: General up to date progress of the project.
  • Work completed during the past period: This section identifies the extent of work that has been completed during the previous reporting period.
  • Work planned for next period: This section identifies the extent of comprehensive work that needs to be completed during the next reporting period to stay within the current schedule.
  • Needs: This section outlines the information, decisions and other requirements that are impacting the progress of the project and require client input.
  • Concerns: Identifying any concerns with respect to the project to insure the client is made aware of potential issues that may impact the cost and schedule of the project.
  • Comments: Any comments that need to be captured with respect to the project schedule and deliverables are outlined in this section.
  • Safety, Regulatory and Environment: This section will outline any safety incidents,regulatory issues and HSE items that impact the project.
  • Milestones: Captures our target goals and objectives on a weekly basis and provides updates for the client.
  • Expenditures to date: This section compares the engineering budget vs. actual expenditures and the overall committed costs to the project.

Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-DocumentationE. Documentation:

  • Proper and accurate documentation is a key element in successful completion of a project. Pioneer Engineering will provide As-Built drawings along with data books and QC manuals for each project as part of our EPCM services

Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-Project-LearningsF. Capturing Project Learnings:

  • At Pioneer Engineering we believe in capturing KPIs from each project. These key performance indicators along with the learning’s for each EPCM project are documented and submitted to the client as part of the project close out document.

Pioneer-Engineering-EPCM-Project-Close-outG. Project Close Out:

  • A formal project close out report will be generated and reviewed with the client. This report will document our deliverables, capture learning’s and establish areas that may require further improvements to meet client’s expectations. At Pioneer Engineering, client satisfaction is our number one priority.